Mindful Conversations Workshop

In this mindful conversations workshop you will learn to interact with others with increased awareness and presence. Relationships are one of the most challenging aspects of our lives, and they tend to trigger us into habitual, and often defensive reactions – perhaps being compliant, or defiant, or a mixture of both.  Such reactions undermine our deeper longings for authenticity and connection.

Mindfulness, learning to pause and to pay attention to your here-and-now, embodied experience, is a way of anchoring yourself in personal awareness. This embodied, stable base provides you ongoing feedback about how you are feeling and reacting.

Pausing in this way as you engage with another person provides great insight into your conversational tendencies.  As you begin to see these implicit habits, you discover that you can pause before you speak, look inwards for a few moments, and then if you so choose, speak with more openness and authenticity.  This mindful conversation practice is supported by structured guidelines that provide a step-by-step approach. No previous experience of mindfulness is required for this workshop.

Many people do feel anxious talking with others, particularly if they are strangers. This is entirely natural. By observing these reactions in awareness, their power to shape and limit your behaviour is reduced. You will discover the mental space to make more conscious choices about what is right for you, and for the people in your life.  This workshop is designed for both individuals and for people who choose to come with a friend, partner or family member.

In this experiential workshop you will learn to:

  • Be more authentic in relationship to others
  • Stay centred and attuned to yourself amidst difficult interactions
  • Recognise and manage reactive patterns that arise in relationship
  • Discover your capacity to open more fully to others
  • Trust and give voice to your emerging feelings. 

Workshop participants are often astonished by the depth of awareness and connection that can arise in mindful conversation practice.

This workshop is run by Graham Lee.  For more information about this workshop please contact Graham at:

email: graham.lee@zen.co.uk, or mobile: 07703 300336.



“Applying mindfulness directly to the relational domain can support us to meet our interpersonal challenges, and open us to deep insight, ease and joy.”