What is Mindfulness?

The problem of automatic thinking

Have you noticed how your mind can get busy with thinking, whether you like it or not?  It’s as if thinking can take charge of you, rather than you being in charge of your thinking.  So, although much of our thinking is useful, at other times our automatic thinking narrows our perspective and can even undermine us.  It can stop us from looking at situations in a balanced way, and it can make us feel stressed.

Mindfulness is an antidote to automatic thinking

Mindfulness is a technique for interrupting the ‘automatic pilot’ of the mind.  By practicing mindfulness, we learn to pause, however briefly, in order to notice our experience in the moment. This act of pausing is of huge significance. With mindfulness, we gain new perspective on things, noticing our own biases, and then making wiser choices about how to look after ourselves, or how to respond most skilfully to others.

Mindfulness takes practice

In some ways mindfulness is really simple to do.  For example, one of the most widespread mindfulness practices is to bring your attention to the bodily sensations of breathing.  You might do that right now. …

If you try to do that for more than a few seconds, you will most likely see how your thinking mind takes over, offering a mental commentary, perhaps judging yourself, perhaps getting distracted with what else you could be doing, perhaps worrying about a challenge you face… etc.  So, what we find is that it is much harder to pause our habitual thinking than we might have thought.  And this is why it takes steady practice and guidance to discover the power of mindfulness.

We offer programmes, workshops, as well as one-to-one, paired and couple coaching, designed to support you in developing your mindfulness skills, and applying them in your life, in your work, and in your relationships.

Mindful Conversations

This workshop provides a set of skills to support us in being more steady and authentic in our conversations with others. For information about upcoming workshops please contact Graham at graham.lee@zen.co.uk.